Project -
Steve Parks Signature Guitar

Mahogany for back and sides

Bob and Chet ponder how to slice Bob's Mahogany Boards for the Sides and Back

Steve Parks Signature Guitar Spec Sheet

(.pdf, 282 Kb)

SPSG headstock

SPSG Headstock with BRL Logo

Sad news - Steve Parks passed away, April 7, 2010

Steve Parks passed away April 7, 2010 at 6:30 pm, after years of battling cancer. Steve was a founding member of BRL, a friend, loving father and husband, and a talented musician and instrument maker. Steve will be greatly missed. We offer our sincere condolences to his family.

Our First Group Project

The Steve Parks Signature Guitar

In 2007 we hatched the idea of a group project - a project where we actually build an instrument together. Our plan was to either sell the instrument to raise funds for another project or donate it to a worthy cause.

While we were contemplating this idea, we heard that an auction was being planned to raise money for the Parks Family fund, a fund for fellow luthier and musician, Steve Parks, who was battling cancer. On October 19, 2008 we started our first project, the Steve Parks Signature Guitar.

It was completed on March 28, 2009 and sold at the "Parks Family Fund" auction on April 4, 2009.


Building the Steve Parks Signature Guitar

The creation of this instrument is documented below.

Please be patient, it is coming....